Fryingpan River Fly Fishing
Fryingpan River

 Aspen, Colorado  |    September 14, 2020

West of Aspen and northeast of Basalt, the Fryingpan River is known for its huge rainbow trout in this tailwater. There are a variety of species on this river, so expect to find brown trout, rainbow trout, cutthroat and brook trout.

Neversink River Fly Fishing
Neversink River

 Catskills, New York  |    August 20, 2020

Northwest of Poughkeepsie near Woodbourne in the Catskills, the Neversink River offers amazing dry fly fishing across both its sections. The Neversink River is formed from the confluence of the East and West branches near Claryville.

Cattaraugus Creek Fly Fishing
Cattaraugus Creek

 New York  |    August 12, 2020

Southeast of Buffalo near Arcade, the Cattaraugus Creek is a popular steelhead fishing stream. In Cattaraugus Creek (aka The Catt), the steelhead average from 5 to 8 pounds.

Salmon River Fly Fishing
Salmon River

 Syracuse, New York  |    August 10, 2020

North of Syracuse and west of Pulaski, the Salmon River is known for the best steelhead and salmon fly fishing in the eastern US. The Salmon River flows from Pineville west to Lake Ontario near Selkirk.

Oswego River Fly Fishing
Oswego River

 Syracuse, New York  |    August 9, 2020

Northwest of Syracuse, the Oswego River is becoming more popular with fly fishermen especially for its stocked Chinook Salmon and steelhead trout. The freestone Oswego River is formed by the confluence of the Oneida River and Seneca River just south of Phoenix.

Chautauqua Creek Fly Fishing
Chautauqua Creek

 New York  |    August 8, 2020

Near Westfield, the Chautauqua Creek is popular for fly fishing the year-round steelhead, salmon, brown trout and rainbow trout. The creek runs 15 miles from southwest of Mayville on north to the confluence with Lake Erie.

Henrys Fork Fly Fishing
Henrys Fork

 Island Park, Idaho  |    August 7, 2020

In eastern Idaho, the Henrys Fork of the Snake River is arguably the most famous fly fishing river in the USA. It is known for huge wild rainbow trout and for its amazing hatches.

Gore Creek Fly Fishing
Gore Creek

 Vail, Colorado  |    August 5, 2020

Passing through the village of Vail, the Gore Creek is a popular choice with local fly fisherman. It is a designated Gold Medal trout fishery by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Roaring Fork River Fly Fishing
Roaring Fork River

 Aspen, Colorado  |    July 7, 2020

Near Aspen, the Roaring Fork of the Colorado River starts at Independence Pass and flow down through Aspen to Glenwood Springs. This 75 mile river has many fishing opportunties and most of it is wadable.

Taylor River Fly Fishing
Taylor River

 Gunnison, Colorado  |    June 22, 2020

North of Gunnison and east of Almont, the Taylor River is well known by local fly fisherman for it's rainbow trout and brown trout. The Taylor River fly fishing is considered to be very exciting with many scenic vistas and easy access points.

Lake Fork Of The Gunnison River Fly Fishing
Lake Fork Of The Gunnison River

 Gunnison, Colorado  |    May 12, 2020

Southwest of Gunnison and north of Lake City, the fly fishing on the Lake Fork Of The Gunnison River is highlighted by its brown trout and rainbow trout. Draining the northeastern San Juan mountains, the entire 29 mile section down to the Blue Mesa Reservoir is open to fly fishing.

East River - Upper Fly Fishing
East River - Upper

 Crested Butte, Colorado  |    May 11, 2020

North of Gunnison and northeast of Crested Butte, the upper section East River offers exciting flyfishing opportunities. You can expect to find both wild rainbow trout and brown trout.

West Branch Ausable River Fly Fishing
West Branch Ausable River

 Adirondacks, New York  |    May 9, 2020

Northeast of Lake Placid, the West Branch Ausable River is known to have the best fly fishing in New York State. This freestone fishery is highlighted by large brown trout and brook trout from 10 to 18 inches.

Beaverkill River Fly Fishing
Beaverkill River

 Catskills, New York  |    May 8, 2020

Northwest of Poughkeepsie near Roscoe, the Beaverkill River is a very popular freestone fly fishing river. The Beaver Kill River runs about 44 miles from the headwaters, through the Catskill Mountains down to the confluence with the East Branch Delaware River.