Best Aspen Fly Fishing Rivers

The Aspen area has 2 fly fishing rivers out of the 38 fly fish spots found in Colorado.

  April 6, 2022

Located in Colorado, the fly fishing in Aspen is known for two nice fly fishing destinations. The best Aspen fly fishing based on popularity are considered to be Fryingpan River and Roaring Fork River. For a detailed fly fishing river description and printable river access map, just select a Aspen fly fishing river or stream below.

Where Can I Fly Fish In Aspen?

FEATURED:  Roaring Fork River

  Aspen, Colorado

  March 23, 2022

Near Aspen, the Roaring Fork of the Colorado River starts at Independence Pass and flow down through Aspen to Glenwood Springs. This 75 mile river has many fishing opportunties and most of it is wadable. While not wilderness, it is highly accessible via the roads that run parallel to it. You can expect to find plenty of rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout and brook trout.