Best Arkansas Fly Fishing Rivers

Arkansas has 4 fly fish spots.

  September 15, 2018

Located in the US, the fly fishing in Arkansas is known for four scenic fly streams and rivers. The best Arkansas fly fishing based on popularity are considered to be Little Red River, White River, North Fork Of The White River, and Eleven Point River. For a detailed fly fishing river description and printable river access map, just select a Arkansas fly fishing river or stream below.

Where Can I Fly Fish In Arkansas?

Arkansas Fly Fishing Resources


White River

North of Mountain View, the White River is one of the most popular fly fishing rivers in the Midwest. The river passes through a limestone cliff gorge which is lined with a forest of hickory and oak. Fly fishermen can expect to find huge brown trout, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout and brook trout. There are several tailwater fishing sections beneath flood and power dams, including below Bull Shoals Dam and the Norfold tailwater.  MORE INFO

North Fork Of The White River

Near Mountain Home, the North Fork Of The White River (Norfork River) is a popular fly fishing river. It is a tailwater fishery, also known as the Bull Shoals Tailwater, that is popular for its record size brown trout. This trout stream is stocked by the US Fish And Wildlife Service. The best fly fishing on the Norfolk Tailwater is the five mile section from Norfolk Lake downstream to the White River confluence.  MORE INFO

Little Red River

North of Little Rock near Heber Springs, the Little Red River is a popular tailwater fly fishery well-known for it record size brown trout. The Little Red River is a stocked trout stream managed b the US Fish And Wildlife Service. This river is home to rainbows, browns, cutthroat and brook trout. Starting from the Greers Ferry Dam, there are 29 miles of productive Little Red River fly fishing waters. Make sure to check with the Army Corps on dam release schedule before heading out.  MORE INFO

Eleven Point River

Southeast of Mountain View and northeast of Alton, the Eleven Point River is popular for trout fly fishing. There is a blue ribbon trout fishing water section of the Eleven Point River.  MORE INFO