Best Hawaii Fly Fishing Rivers

Hawaii has 1 fly fish spots.

  September 15, 2018

Located in the US, the fly fishing in Hawaii is known for one good fly fishing spot. The best Hawaii fly fishing based on popularity is considered to be Lake Wilson. For a detailed fly fishing river description and printable river access map, just select a Hawaii fly fishing river or stream below.

Where Can I Fly Fish In Hawaii?

Hawaii Fly Fishing Resources

FEATURED:  Lake Wilson

  Oahu, Hawaii

  September 15, 2018

Northwest of Honolulu, Lake Wilson has great opportunties for fly fishing. Lake Wilson (aka Wahiawa Reservoir) was created in the early 1900s when the North and South Forks of Kaukonahua Stream were dammed as a sugar cane irrigation source. It is the only place for freshwater fishing on Oahu.