Best Nevada Fly Fishing Rivers

Nevada has 3 fly fish spots.

  September 15, 2018

Located in the US, the fly fishing in Nevada is known for three cool flyfishing spots. The best Nevada fly fishing based on popularity are considered to be Truckee River, Reese River, and East Walker River. For a detailed fly fishing river description and printable river access map, just select a Nevada fly fishing river or stream below.

Where Can I Fly Fish In Nevada?

Nevada Fly Fishing Resources

FEATURED:  Truckee River


  April 16, 2017

West of Reno near Verdi, the Truckee River flows 35 miles through a scenic canyon on the way to Reno. Overall, the Truckee River originates in Lake Tahoe and flows 115 miles down to the Pyramid Lake confluence. The Truckee River is known of for its rainbow trout and brown trout fly fishing, especially between the town of Truckee and Verdi along US80.

FEATURED:  Reese River


  July 20, 2016

East of Carson City and Gabbs, the Reese River is a remote fly fishing river coming out of the southern end of the Toiyabe Range. The best section of the Reese River is in the Arc Dome Wilderness and is known for its wild trout. The best fly fishing access for the Reese River is from the...

FEATURED:  East Walker River


  September 15, 2018

Southeast of Reno, the East Walker River is a well known tailwater fly fishing waterway. The most popular section starts below Bridgeport Reservoir near Bridgeport, California, and runs downstream to the confluence with the West Fork of the Walker River near Yerrington, Nevada. Some consider the East Walker River to be one of the best trout streams in the western US. The main fly fishing on the East Walker River is...