Best New Brunswick Fly Fishing Rivers

New Brunswick has 1 fly fish spots.

Located in Canada, the fly fishing in New Brunswick is known for one good fly fishing spot. The best New Brunswick fly fishing based on popularity is considered to be Miramichi River. For a detailed fly fishing river description and printable river access map, just select a New Brunswick fly fishing river or stream below.


Miramichi River

Northwest of Moncton near McNamee, the Miramichi River is popular with fly fishermen for brook trout and Atlantic salmon. The Miramichi River runs 45 miles from the headwaters down to the Atlantic tide. The area near the town of McNamee is known for channels and small pools with a gravel bottom that are perfect for the brook trout. When it comes to the Atlantic Salmon, there is a prolific late season salmon run starting in September and running through early November.  MORE INFO