Best Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Rivers

Pennsylvania has 43 fly fish spots.

  September 17, 2018

Located in the US, the fly fishing in Pennsylvania offers over thirty trout streams and rivers from which to choose. The best Pennsylvania fly fishing based on popularity are considered to be Lehigh River, Slippery Rock Creek, Big Bushkill Creek, Little Lehigh Creek, and Lackawaxen River. For a detailed fly fishing river description and printable river access map, just select a Pennsylvania fly fishing river or stream below.

Where Can I Fly Fish In Pennsylvania?

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FEATURED:  Lehigh River

  Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

  April 16, 2017

Near Jim Thorpe, the Lehigh River is a well-kept secret among local fly-fishermen. The Lehigh River Stocking Assocation has made a tremendous stocking effort and has supported projects to continually improve water quality. It is a western style trout fishery. While many stretches are wadable, the best way to attack the Lehigh River for fly fishing is by drift boat. Expect strong fish and fast currents.

FEATURED:  Little Lehigh Creek


  April 16, 2017

Near Allentown, the Little Lehigh Creek runs through the Allentown park system to the delight of local fly fishermen. Plan to go after brown trout and brook trout with small flies and fine tippets. The Little Lehigh Creek is a scenic spring-fed limestone stream. The headwaters are in Berks County near Woodside Avenue.

FEATURED:  Big Bushkill Creek


  June 23, 2016

Near Bushkill, the Big Bushkill Creek is a nice trout stream in the Poconos. While the lower 12 miles of the Big Bushkill Creek are open to fly fishing, there is a 6 mile stretch that has Delayed Harvest Fly Fishing Only regulations. There are several waterfalls on this well-stocked river, and one of the most scenic places to fish is near Resica Falls.

FEATURED:  Slippery Rock Creek


  July 10, 2016

Northwest of Pittsburgh near Portersville, the McConnells Mill State Park has the popular Slippery Rock Creek Gorge which is know for trout fly fishing. The creek is stocked several times a year.

FEATURED:  Oil Creek


  July 22, 2016

Near Titusville, the Oil Creek is very popular with local fly fishermen for its abundant trout population. The headwaters for Oil Creek start up at Canadihita Lake and the river runs 20 miles downstream to the Allegheny River confluence near Oil City. The most interesting section for fly fishing on Oil Creek is from the Pine Creek confluence downstream to the Allegheny River.

FEATURED:  Lackawaxen River


  July 24, 2016

Near Rowland, the Lackawaxen River offer fly fishermen bountiful rainbow trout and wild brown trout. Possibly the best tailwater fishery in Pennsylvania. The fly fishing on the Lackawaxen River is known for its big, challenging 16+ inch trout.

FEATURED:  Lackawanna River


  June 23, 2016

Near Archbald, the Lackawanna River has been gaining popularity as it has been cleaned up over the past few years. Most people only remember the Lackawanna River as being a poluted mess. But over the past decade, the Lackawanna River has been cleaned up and there is are plenty of large 13+ inch wild brown trout to be found.

FEATURED:  Clarion River


  August 9, 2016

Southwest of Oil City, the Clarion River offers exceptional trout fishing. The popular section for fly fishing on the Clarion River is from Ridgway down to the town of Clarion. The best section on the Clarion River for fly fishing is considered to be the catch and release zone from Johnsonburg to Ridgeway that is filled with brown trout. This latter section does not have any public access, so make sure to get a private landowner permission before accessing.

FEATURED:  French Creek


  July 18, 2016

West of Philadelphia and Phoenixville, the French Creek is known as an average trout fishing stream. The headwaters of French Creek is at Lake Hopewell and then it flows east 14 miles to the Schuylkill River confluence near Phoenixville. The entire length of French Creek is stocked.

FEATURED:  Brodhead Creek


  July 13, 2016

Near Stroudsburg in Delaware Water Gap, the Brodhead Creek is a nice trout stream near the Delaware Water Gap. You can expect to find mainly stocked trout, with an occasional wild trout, in the 14 inch long range.