Best Vermont Fly Fishing Rivers

Vermont has 6 fly fish spots.

  September 17, 2018

Located in the US, the fly fishing in Vermont offers a half-dozen good fly-fishing spots. The best Vermont fly fishing based on popularity are considered to be Batten Kill River, Dog River, Otter Creek, Winooski River, and Lamoille River. For a detailed fly fishing river description and printable river access map, just select a Vermont fly fishing river or stream below.

Where Can I Fly Fish In Vermont?

Vermont Fly Fishing Resources

FEATURED:  Batten Kill River


  July 13, 2016

Northeast of Manchester, the Batten Kill River is known to fly fishermen for its abundant brown trout and rainbow trout. The river starts in the Green Mountains and runs 50 miles crossing into New York. Many fish the Battenkill year-round due to the springs which keep it cool. It has become a mainly wild river since stocking stopped in 1971.

FEATURED:  Dog River


  July 30, 2016

Near Montpelier, the Dog River is a little-known secret among fly fishermen for its trout. The Dog River is a spring-fed stream known for its evening fly fishing. The Dog River eventually merges with the Winooski River near Montpelier. You can expect to find brown trout, rainbow trout and brook trout.

FEATURED:  Otter Creek


  July 23, 2016

South of Burlington near Middlebury, the Otter Creek is a little known fly fishing gem. The Otter Creek starts near Rutland and runs north through Middlebury on the way to the Lake Champlain confluence.

FEATURED:  Winooski River


  August 20, 2016

Southeast of Burlington near Waterbury, the Winooski River is a premier trout stream. It starts up in the Green Mountains and flows northeast to the Lake Champlain confluence. When fly fishing on the Winooski River, you can expect to find brown trout, rainbow trout and brook trout.

FEATURED:  Lamoille River


  July 28, 2016

Northeast of Burlington near Morrisville, the Lamoille River is a highly productive trout fishing stream. The Lamoille River runs through Vermont countryside and ends at the confluence with Lake Champlain. You can expect to find wild and stocked brown trout, rainbow trout and brook trout.

FEATURED:  White River


  September 17, 2018

Northeast of Hartford near Bethel, the White River is popular for fly fishing. The free-flowing White River starts in the Green mountains and runs 60 miles through Granville and Hancock on the way to the Connecticut River confluence.