MYRIVERGUIDE.COM™ is an online adventure travel guide to destinations around the planet! Our mission is to be the leading ultra-vertical market channel for adventure destinations through a combination of content, community and e-commerce. MYRIVERGUIDE.COM™ has been the global leader on the Internet since the mid-2000's.

In addition to trail descriptions, the content may include trail maps, photos, trailhead locator maps, and travel-related information such as lodging, restaurants, map names and guidebook titles. Many map and guidebook titles can be purchased on-line through affiliate partnerships.

Each month, MYRIVERGUIDE.COM™ attracts over 50,000 visitors and they view roughly 500,000 pages. By the nature of our content, our visitors are active, sports-oriented individuals planning adventure travel for themselves and their families. The following presents a summary of a current live demographics survey being conducted at present on our website:

Male = 81%
Female = 18%
Did Not Answer = 1%

Under 18 = 0%
18 to 24 = 6%
25 to 34 = 23%
35 to 44 = 34%
45 to 54 = 25%
55 to 64 = 10%
65 and Over = 2%
Did Not Answer = 0%

No High School = 1%
Some High School = 3%
High School Grad = 22%
Some College = 32%
College Grad = 31%
Masters/PhD = 10%
Did Not Answer = 1%

Under $20K = 4%
$20K to $35K = 8%
$35K to $50K = 14%
$50K to $75K = 20%
$75K to $100K = 17%
Over $100K = 27%
Did Not Answer = 10%

US = 93%
UK = 1%
Canada = 0%
Australia = 0%
Other = 6%

We offer three banner advertising opportunities. The top-of-the-page banner ad is a standard 728w x 90h pixel image space that can also handle 468w x 60h. The bottom-of-the page banner ad is also a standard 728w by 90h pixel image. In addition, we offer a left-side skyscraper ad with dimensions up to 160w by 600h. There is also a central 300w x 250h pixel ad space. All the ads can be animated GIF, JPEG or rich media. We can deliver your ad on a run-of-the-site basis, by content category, or deliver it to queries on specific geographic locations (continents, countries, states).

Discounts are available for pre-paid and/or multi-month contracts. The minimum monthly contract is $500. All single month contracts must be pre-paid.

Exclusive page sponsorships can be purchased for $500 per month per page. We can discuss logo ad size and placement on a page-by-page basis. Similarly, individual sport home page sponsorship rates can be discussed. 

For more information, please contact us via our Customer Service Form or call (970) 765-8601.